IT Anthems: BlackBerry

Updated. BlackBerry aims for romance with a Love Boat inspired song, that must have made sales plummet

This has to be one of the worst tracks ever to grace the pages of IT Anthems. It is a version of the theme from The Love Boat (a legendary tacky 70s TV show). And it is a version so bad that it makes the original sound good. For a comparison, go here. Most amazingly, this song was actually used in public. It was part of Voicestream's launch in California of a service using the BlackBerry portable email gadget. In their defence, Voicestream could plead irony or possibly insanity. Either would be supported by the fact that Austin Powers was at the launch. But there is something very strange here. The song has quite a jolly upbeat tune and chirrupy, syrupy lyrics. It is applied to a cute toy -- BlackBerry gets your email anywhere, anytime so it must be, like, really cool, musnt't it?. Leading edge geeks certainly swear by it. But when I listen to the way the song is performed, I can't help thinking there may be a dark side side to the little black gizmo. Intentionally or not (and one would hope not) the song puts me right off using one. The jolly lyrics and bouncy tune, are delivered in a wrist-slashingly world-weary, off-key drone, which finally fizzles out with a despairing, whispered product number. Compared to this performer, Morrissey is a Beach Boy. Could it be that this song is expressing what a ball-and-chain it is to have constant email? Might it be a comment on how utterly depressing it is to be continually at the beck and call of whatever faceless corporation insists you carry one of these things? Irony -- Californians should be careful where they point it. Note 1. In the UK you can experience the thrill of a BlackBerry through mmO2, the former BT mobile division. If you still want one after hearing this. If you are a free spirit, here is a Java alternative. And here is our latest update from BlackBerry's maker, Research in Motion. Note 2. I have no idea what the line "SMS if your PIM is here" is supposed to mean. It is possible I may have transcribed these words wrong. At this point, the singer loses all will to enunciate. On the other hand, "J2ME" makes sense. That's the Java version 2 Mobile Environment, that is. Very exciting for mobile users. Oh yes. Audio Lyrics Blackberry
Exciting and new
Come on board
We're expecting you
Oh Blackberry
Life's sweetest reward
Send a note
It pushes out to you
Oh Blackberry
Now-ow-ow launching here in CA
Promises something for every day
From the palm of your hand
Make a call 'cross the Web you can
Stay connected by phone, SMS if your PIM is here
Oh Blackberry, it's easy to use
It's J2ME on the GPRS
It's here....
it's here....
It's Blackberry
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