IT Anthems: OpenBSD

More musical magic from the opensource world! Could the secure openBSD operating system be more tuneful than the Free Software Foundation?

OpenBSD: Puff the Barbarian (MP3)
OpenBSD: Goldflipper (MP3)
OpenBSD: Systemagic (MP3)
OpenBSD: e-Railed (MP3)
The open-source movement is well-known for unlocking the creativity of programmers. So it's no surprise to find it also generates top-quality IT anthems. These songs are included on the distribution CDs of OpenBSD, a free, multi-platform 4.4BSD-based Unix-like operating system. April 2003 sees the launch of a new release (version 3.3) of OpenBSD, and a new song. Project leader Theo de Raadt explains that the heavy metal music has a Barbarian theme this year because the release slaughters buffer overflows. He also explains some of the references that might otherwise be a little obscure: "Over the last year, we started work on this security technology called W^X. It wants an X bit in the PTE, so that it can do execution support per-page. This partially stops buffer overflows. With another technology we have called ProPolice, it stops them even further. We've got RSM coming soon, random shared mappings, and all 3 together kill buffer overflows." The fastest hardware that has an X bit is the Ultrasparc III, but Sun Microsystems did not co-operate closely enough for the OpenBSD team. "We struggled for 6 months at that," said de Raadt. Meanwhile, something else has appeared that supports the X bit: AMD Hammer. "AMD has approached us and given us docs and pre-release machines," said de Raadt. The songs are the work of Ty Semaka, multi-talented Klezmer/ska/pop group the Plaid Tongued Devils and friends, all credited below. Goldflipper (from release 3.2) is a James Bond spoof. Systemagic (from version 3.1) is a threatening heavy metal number and e-Railed (released with version 3.0) is an ironic pop number. OpenBSD is developed by volunteers, and funded by sales of CDs and T-shirts, as well as receiving donations. The highest profile sponsor of the Canada-based project is the US military research agency, DARPA -- despite this funding, OpenBSD stresses that it operates completely independently. Any more open-source anthems, or IT-related music? Send them to Puff the Barbarian Lyrics Deep through the mists of time
Gaze to the crystal ball
Back to the age of darkness
Black was the protocol A King ruled the web with fear
Spilling the blood of men
Then from the ocean came
Puff the Barbarian Born in a tiny bowl Puff was a pet
Sold into slav-er-y by the man
Eating the weeds till he was strong enough
Breaking his bonds like nobody can Down the sewer pipes of Hell
A thousand kitties then did bleed
Constraints were slain as well
Hacked his way out to the C And there he found
His destiny
Hammer of the Ocean God
"Xor taking care of me" Then in a dream Xor requested he
"Go to the Sun King, get what I yearn
Kernighan saw it, prophet of the C
Knowledge - so they may never return" At the tower Puff appealed
For the wisdom of the One
Denied, his mind did reel
Puff was getting tired of Sun Broke down the guard
Cause math is hard
Found McNealy on his throne
All alone and only bones Come the Sun King blade ablur
Hammer down eclipse the Sun
And Puff, the land secured
The new King Barbarian! Written and arranged by Ty Semaka. Co-arranged, recorded, mixed & mastered by Jonathan Lewis. Vocals by DeVille, guitar by Sean Desmond, bass by Ian Knox, drums by John McNiel, violin by Jonathan Lewis. I> Goldflipper: Lyrics Goldflipper
With golden skin
and flippers as sharp as a knife
He's the machine
Designed to dismember your life And the fish
Protecting us all from the cat
And the cat
Infecting the wo-orld for a laugh Cyborg on a mission
To do some Puff fishin'
The doctor wants fugu tonight! (short instrumental intro) You'll need some machismo to
catch the spikey one
He's got guts and gizmos to
make the system run But Flip's here for fun
and without a gun
He'll dice you with his Golden fin She's all over Puff cause he's
such a sexy catch
Is she spying on him or
just a seafood match? Oh double seven
Send me to Heaven
Cause for Mr. Po-o-o-ond The women are fond
She knows what to do
She'll turn Gold to goo Goldflipper is gone
Gold flipper's goooooooooooooone Lyrics by Ty Semaka. Arranged by Ty Semaka & Jonathan Lewis.
Base & drum programming, recording, mixing & mastering by Jonathan Lewis. Vocals by Onalea Gilbertson. Sax by Dan Meichel. Trumpet & Trombone by Craig Soby.
Systemagic: Lyrics BSD fight buffer reign
Flowing blood in circuit vein
Quagmire, Hellfire, RAMhead Count
Puffy rip attacker out Crackin' ze bathroom, Crackin' ze vault
Tale of the script, HEY! Secure by default Can't fight the Systemagic
Über tragic
Can't fight the Systemagic Sixty second, black cat struck
Breeding worm of crypto-suck
Hot rod box unt hunting wake
Vampire omellete, kitten cake Crackin' ze boardroom, Crackin' ze vault
Rippin' ze bat, HEY! Secure by default Chorus Cybersluts vit undead guts
Transyl-viral coffin muck
Penguin lurking under bed
Puffy hoompa on your head Crackin' ze bedroom, Crackin' ze vault
Crackin' ze whip, HEY! Secure by default
Crackin' ze bedroom, Crackin' ze vault
Crackin' ze whip, HEY! Secure by default Chorus Produced & directed by Ty Semaka and Ian Knox. Written, arranged and performed by Ty Semaka (vocals, lyrics), Ian Knox (bass, drum programming), and Sean Desmond (guitar). Recorded & mixed at Ruffmix Audio Productions (Calgary) by Kelly Mihalicz. Mastered by Jonathan Lewis. e-Railed: Lyrics Don't tell anyone I'm free
Don't tell anyone I'm free During these hostile and trying times and what-not
OpenBSD may be your family's only line of defense I'm secure by default They that can give up liberty to obtain a little safety
deserve neither liberty nor safety RELEASE TIME!!!! Stay of, stay off, stay off...
I'm secure by default
stay off, stay off, stay off By The Plaid Tongued Devils. Produced & arranged by Ty Semaka & Wynn Gogol. Written & Performed by Gordon Chipp Robb (bass line), John McNiel (drums), Ty Semaka (vocals & lyrics), and Wynn Gogol, (programming). Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Wynn Gogol of Workshop Recording Studios (Victoria BC).
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