IT Anthems: The stuff of dreams and fantasies

The power of Sun, the joy of Hewlett-Packard and the dogged community sing-along spirit of IBM. It's all here!
Written by Peter Judge, Contributor
GIBO Groep

25 April 2003
A superb result! With more passion and commitment than you might expect from a self-styled "sober group" of Dutch accountants

17 April 2003
More musical magic from the opensource world!
The Power of Sun

11 April 2003
Updated:Finally -- we present the anthem everyone thought was lost for ever, in all its pompous glory!
At Honeywell our Quest is Quality

4 April 2003
Let's all make tomorrow better than today, with the smiling folks at Honeywell's industral controls division!
The Free Software Song

28 March 2003
Richard Stallman, and others in the open source movement, show that the IT anthem is not just a capitalist phenomenon
Pass: Ride On

21 March 2003
What is it with Germans and corporate anthems? Check out these consultants, sounding uncannily like Californians, making the future better for you and me
Checkpoint: We secure the Internet

14 March 2003
The IT anthems curse strikes -- and strikes very hard -- at serious Internet security people
Asera rocks the world

7 March 2003
We revive two of the favourite tracks of IT Anthems. Shame we can't do the same for Asera, which went the way of all dot-coms in January
Apple's greatest hits

28 February 2003
Three new songs reveal just why the rest of the industry hates Apple! Rock on, dudes!
Nvidia: Take the world by SoundStorm

21 February 2003
More gasps and moans per minute than an audio processing system really merits, we feel...
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - element 5 unplugged!

21 Februray 2003
A new cooler version of the rocking German outsourcers' song
Sensormatic: I told you we could fly

14 February 2003
He's back! Per-Olof Loof, the singing CEO!
I believe in Teradata

7 February 2003
Is this a database leader, or a boy band?
Mindtree -- Imagination, Action Joy!

31 January 2003
A socially responsible anthem from the company that cares, because it can
Texas Instruments Fast Forward

17 January 2003
Three massive Texan rock'n'roll hymns to digital signal processing -- and great customer service, of course
Ericsson Wap Rap

10 January 2003
Four great tracks from the mobile phone masters. How bad do you think a WAP rap can be? Find out here
Ever Onward IBM!

3 January 2003
At last, the return of possibly the greatest IT Anthem of them all. Don't miss the great Flash animation!
Unisys - we eat, sleep and drink this stuff

27 December 2002
Stevie Wonder-esque soul from the venerable data centre. Not to be missed
KPMG - the Power of One

20 December 2002
A recently discovered early track from the rock-gods of IT Anthems, KPMG. Don't miss the version sung by a choir of children. And new versions of the band's hit, Global Strategy, keep on coming
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - element 5!

6 December 2002
The rocking German software house that outsourced its song Come on board with BlackBerry
29 November 2002
Updated: BlackBerry catches a ride from the Love Boat, and leaves us feeling seasick
Computas -- share your knowledge

22 November 2002
Updated: The Norwegian knowledge management maestros produced this Eurovision-style cover version in house
Ahhhhh Fujitsu!

15 November 2002
Updated: One of the truly great corporate anthems. At Fujitsu, this song brings joy each day -- or so the employees tell us

8 November 2002
Not one, but two anthems from the ink supplier and enterprise IT provider. One is a protest song, the other a chirpy number from HP Services
Ernst & Young Happy Day

1 November 2002
We kneel in admiration. Ernst & Young has a corporate Gospel to proclaim. Sing it sister!
Philips was my first love
25 October 2002
Words fail us. The zany Dutch tech company excels itself with a cover of one of the defining anthems of the 1970s
AT&T: We're AT&T!
18 October 2002
A singing CEO turned a disco classic into a hymn to corporate unity -- and then, wouldn't you know it? The company broke up
KPMG: Our vision of global strategy
The classic hit that launched IT Anthems. KPMG's effort and fun have won it a place in our hearts. Watch this space for more new entrants, and the return of some old favourites. Contact us if you have any other classic corporate tracks we should know about.
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