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Contracts are like marriages...

What clients expect of vendors
Vendors appear to have the biggest problem with project scoping, said prof Ang.

"If vendors cannot scope the project accurately, subsequent scope changes can lead to additional charges to the clients, and this can often be problematic," she said.

For vendors, knowledge transfer has the biggest gap between successful and unsuccessful projects. Vendors' ability and willingness to transfer knowledge to their clients can often make or break a project.


"Clients often complain that their vendors are not doing enough in the area of knowledge transfer. Clients expect to learn about best-industry practises from the vendors. They expect the vendors to share valuable knowledge and know-how with them, so that when the vendors leave, they would be able to perform their job more effectively.

Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, clients are left struggling on their own to discover how best to use and manipulate the system."

- Professor Ang Soon

Soft deliverables - such as training, documentation (for solutions), communication and implementation plans, is also an expectation that isn't normally discussed prior to contracting.

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