IT industry morale hits new low

The latest Meta Group research has found that the effect of employee burnout on long-term business health is becoming a serious issue

Almost three-quarters of IT managers consider IT employee burnout a serious issue in their organisations, one that could have long-term effects on productivity and the overall health of the business.

The latest Meta Group research, the IT Staffing and Compensation Guide, has found 71 percent of IT managers citing burn out and low morale as serious problems. Cutbacks, which at many organisations hit alongside greater expectations from IT, have taken their toll in the past two years.

Maria Schafer, Meta's IT Human Capital Management Strategies programme director, said in a statement: "Working through this prolonged recession, which has seen budget cuts across the enterprise, numerous staff cutbacks and general sector uncertainty, has definitely taken its toll on IT employee morale."

"Unfortunately it is those same budget cuts that are impeding managers from combating the problem by way of making concrete improvements."

With budgets cut or, at best, frozen IT bosses are looking at training and retention programmes as a way to maintain morale.

Meta found 55 percent of companies have started skills development programmes. Paying more is a "viable Plan B", according to the analyst house, with 11 percent of organisations doing so. Many others simply cannot afford to.

One unique policy on the part of remotely located organisations is to entice talented staff by promoting a 'change of scenery'. Indeed, 5 percent of companies polled moved to a completely new location just for this reason.

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