iWrap: an (almost) tragic iPhone 4 tale

Rob parker shares his experience of flinging his iPhone 4 across a concrete sidewalk -- face down -- and its survival thanks to a screen film.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor on

A guest blog by my podcasting partner Rob Parker (@parkerdigital):

I thought you might be interested in a nice story about how an iWrap screen protector saved my brand new iPhone 4 the other day.

Apple replaced my naked iPhone 4 after I dropped it on concrete and broke the screen. I definitely didn't want to take any chances with the replacement so I applied an iWrap screen protector and put in my new bumper case.

As I was getting out of my truck the other day, I caught the phone on the steering wheel and ended up flinging it onto a concrete sidewalk, face down. I was afraid to look. When I picked up the iPhone I saw a deep gouge in the iWrap screen protector but the phone was fine! What an absolute relief.

I can't overemphasize the need to protect your iPhone's screen. I believe that iPhone 4 is the most fragile iPhone Apple has ever made. Yes, it's beautiful but it really doesn't want to be dropped. If I hadn't used that iWrap, I would be one very sad guy right now.

I've used both the iWrap ($19.95) and the Invisible Shield ($24.99 for i4) on my devices a I like them both. iWrap has a little smoother finish after being applied while the Invisible Shield has more of an "orange peel" type of finish and feels slightly thicker. Either way, I always use a screen film on my iDevices (heck I've got one on the screen on my digital camera too) because they protect against the inevitable contact with concrete or asphalt -- and Rob's living proof.

What's your take on screen films? Do you use one?

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