Jawbone ICON update adds A2DP support

Aliph released an update for the Jawbone ICON with support for A2DP audio. You can now listen to podcasts, music, turn-by-turn navigation, and other audio output through your headset.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

My current default Bluetooth headset is the Jawbone ICON and as I mentioned in my review this headset has the ability to be managed with apps and settings via the MyTALK website. This morning, Aliph made available an update that has already served me well and will encourage me to wear the headset much more than I already have. A2DP functionality is now available to ICON owners via the MyTALK website as a free download option. The A2DP functionality gives you the ability to send audio for music, podcasts, turn-by-turn navigation and other audio output to the headset. I am an avid podcast listener and do not like to always use a wired headset to listen to podcast audio that does not need the high quality of a song.

I have personally tested the HTC Incredible, Palm Pre Plus, and T-Mobile HD2 and it works like a champ. The great thing about Windows Mobile and the HD2 is that Microsoft Voice Command works extremely well through Bluetooth too so you can even control your media wirelessly. Other devices Aliph has tested include the iPhone 3G/3GS, BlackBerry Bold, Curve, and Tour, Google Nexus One, LG enV3, and LG enVTouch.

Remember you can adjust the volume of the headset and audio by holding down the talk button to cycle through levels and then letting go when you get to a volume you like. Even though it is a mono headset, I enjoyed listening to a podcast last night with it and find it perfectly acceptable and quite convenient to have the support for A2DP.

The Jawbone ICON is available for $99 at major cellular carriers and electronics retailers. The new streaming audio functionality is free of charge.

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