Judge asks to be shown live BitTorrent demo

A judge presiding over a copyright-infringement hearing in Australia has asked to see a live demonstration of how BitTorrent is used to download movies
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

The judge presiding over the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft versus iiNet copyright-infringement hearing said on Tuesday that he wanted to see a live demonstration of how BitTorrent is used to download movies.

Following a video presentation by AFACT's barrister QC Bannon of the group's investigator Nigel Carson downloading Warner Bros film Batman Begins, Justice Cowdroy asked if he could be shown which other ISPs were facilitating file sharing. "Can you show me, Mr Bannon, how many other internet providers are providing the same sorts of information? What other ones right now are doing this?" asked Justice Cowdroy, noting that on the list of evidence collected by Carson, iiNet had appeared four times.

While iiNet's initial request to include as evidence how other local ISPs had responded to AFACT's breach notifications was knocked back, Cowdroy on Tuesday appeared interested in whether other local ISPs were providing similar connectivity to file-sharing clients as iiNet.

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