Just the FAQs: How to find tech answers online

Where do you go today when you need technical help?
Written by Wendy Dittamore, Contributor on

Whenever I have a question about my computer (or the Internet, for that matter), I first bug anyone sitting near me for an answer. If they're at a loss, I then harass our company's IT staff. More times than not, I can count on our IT whiz kids for the answers to my questions, no matter how obscure. Unfortunately, though, so does everybody else! I usually have to take a number, unless I can convince them that my system is so screwed up that I can't get any work done. If it isn't urgent, my request is scuttled to the bottom of their list.

Being an impatient person, I'm not too keen on waiting for answers. So, where do I go to get the technology information I need now? The following are some sure-fire winners.

  • Try searching ZDNet
    Searching through our vast array of content is the second-best thing to trading barbs with an IT professional. For example, ZDNet's very own Alfred Poor serves up answers to the burning questions of our Computer Shopper readers all the time. Got problems with your system clock or floppy drive? See what Alfred has to say.

  • Try asking your ZDNet peers
    We all know that ZDNet readers are the brightest and most resourceful folks out there! When I need an answer in a jiffy, I head over to ZDNet's Community site and ask questions in the appropriate forums. Whether my Mac at home is suffering from connection problems or my Windows 2000 laptop is spitting out error messages up the yin-yang, I count on the fine folks in ZDNet's communities to provide me with a quick, succinct, and sensible response.

  • Try searching the Internet
    If you've exhausted all your resources, turn to the Net! So much information is posted online, you're bound to trip over an answer. Just pick your favorite search engine and go. And for you super speed demons, putting your favorite search engines at your fingertips has never been easier. Check out these toolbar add-ons for Internet Explorer--you can wade through the Web in no time!

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