Lenovo chief gives his $3m bonus to lower-paid workers

Yang Yuanqing, the Chinese PC manufacturer's chief executive, has parcelled out a $3m bonus that he was given for achieving record results to employees in Lenovo's call centres and production lines
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Lenovo's chief executive has given a $3m bonus he received for bumper results to thousands of the computer manufacturer's lower-paid workers, reports say.

Yang Yuanqing had been given the extra cash on top of his usual bonus in May, following record results that accompanied Lenovo's ascension to the number-two PC-maker spot, just behind HP. On Thursday, a Chinese report stated that Yang had distributed the money among 10,000 workers, such as those in Lenovo's call centres and on its production lines.

The 'Yuanqing rewards' averaged out at 2,000 yuan, or $314 (£200), which is slightly less than a month's salary for many workers in China's technology manufacturing plants.

According to CNN, Yang's total earnings for the fiscal year that ended in March amounted to $14m.

Analyst figures suggest Lenovo is primed to sell more computers than HP within the coming months, albeit at a lower profit margin.

While Lenovo has been around for almost three decades, it has become a prominent brand in the West since 2005, when it bought IBM's PC business, including the lucrative ThinkPad line.

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