Lenovo teases flexible screen technology as well as wraparound phones

Lenovo took some thunder away from Samsung's flexible screen technology and outlined a few devices of its own.


Samsung isn't the only tech giant plotting flexible devices that bend into new form factors. Lenovo will enter the flexible device fray too under a to-be-determined timeline.

Lenovo CTO Peter Hortensius at Lenovo Tech World in San Francisco teased flexible screens for tablets and smartphones and devices as well as keyboards on tap and new pen to paper-type interfaces. Lenovo even plugged a smart shoe.

But given the Samsung reports earlier this week on how flexible devices were on tap, the Lenovo preview was interesting.

Hortensius noted that the technology isn't close to being a product yet, but did tip Lenovo's hand to form factors and use cases. Meghan McCarthy, best known for her YouTube show, plugged the devices and wrapped a smartphone prototype around her wrist. Here are some images that advance my take on Samsung's flexible ambitions and use cases.

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