Lenovo's global PC market share hits 20%

After consolidating its PC leadership position for the sixth straight quarter worldwide, Lenovo has vowed to diversify its business and look for new growth opportunities to maintain the momentum.
Written by Cyrus Lee, Contributor

Lenovo broadened its leading position in global PC shipment in the last quarter by passing 20 percent market share for the first time, the latest research report published by IDC said on Wednesday.

Lenovo led in worldwide shipments in the quarter, shipping a total of 15.7 million PCs, followed by HP's 14.7 million and Dell's 10.4 million PCs. The report indicated that the Chinese computer supplier held a 20 percent worldwide market share in the third quarter of 2014, up from the 17.7 percent share for the same period a year ago.


Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo's chairman and chief executive, said that reaching the 20 percent global PC share marks a "great milestone for Lenovo", which came faster than expected.

The company currently ranks second in the PC+tablet market, and third in global tablet sales and servers, as well as soon becoming the third-largest smartphone supplier in the world, Yang said in a statement posted by the group. He added that Lenovo's overall revenue is approaching $50 billion.

Lenovo's new peak in PC market share was achieved under the background of an improving overall PC industry globally during the period. The latest data suggests only a modest 1.7 percent decline of global PC shipments in the quarter, significantly better than IDC's earlier estimation of a 4.1 percent retreat for the three-month period.

PCs were the first growth engine that launched Lenovo as a global leader, and remain the group's core business, but Lenovo is prepared to ignite its second-stage rocket. With the close of the System X deal and soon-to-be-completed Motorola Mobility acquisition, three growth engines — PC, mobile, and enterprise — will ensure that Lenovo will evolve its business, according to Yang.

In late September, Lenovo closed its $2.1 billion acquisition of IBM's low-end server business. The deal is expected to bring in an additional $5 billion global revenue to the group annually, which will make Lenovo the world's third-biggest server supplier, according to a Sina news report.

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