Let your device work for you with the Gist Android application

Gist is a service that aggregates all of your contact's online information into an easy to access system for you. They just launched their Android mobile application so you have the power of Gist in the palm of your hand.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I wrote about the first Gist iPhone client back in October 2009 and the company has continued to improve their mobile offerings. There is now an iPhone 2.0 client available and today we see the release of their first Android mobile client. I have been using a beta version of the mobile client on my Google Nexus One and am finding more and more use for it every day. Gist is an extremely efficient way to gather the latest information on people you meet and associate with and having a good mobile client puts some amazing power at your fingertips.

After you launch the Android client you will see icons/tabs at the top for Dashboard, Events, People, Companies, and Settings. After speaking with the folks at Gist to fully understand the client, I am finding the Events page to be one of the most valuable. All of your appointments appear here, but with intelligence already gathered for all the attendees of the meeting, conference call, or event. Gist does the heavy lifting on their servers to gather your contact data and then you can tap on an event and see what everyone has been up to lately so you can talk intelligently with them about their current status, projects, and interactions. With a single tap you can also map the event location or send an email attendees (in case you are running late or something changes so that you need to quickly contact all of them).

Gist is a free service and in addition to the mobile iPhone and Android clients you can use their Gist Outlook plugin, Lotus Notes plugin,or Gadget for Google Apps. The Gist application for Android is located in the Android Market for download. I highly recommend you sign up and give Gist a try. Our mobile technology is powerful, so let the tech do the work for you so you can enjoy the benefits and lead an efficient life.

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