Lily Allen's website hit by DDoS attack

The pop singer's website was briefly disabled by attacks from online groups protesting against Allen's file-sharing stance
Written by Darren Pauli, Contributor on

Copyright activists have set their cross hairs on pop singer Lily Allen, crippling her website in the latest of many attacks against anti-piracy pundits.

Allen's site went down a number of times this morning. The distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against the singer appeared to be brief as users suggested targeting artists could generate bad publicity.

Allen received the ire of online groups after criticising illegal file-sharing for the financial loss it visited on small artists. She has previously attacked the position of pro file-sharing artists including Radiohead's Ed O'Brien and Pink Floyd's Nick Mason. However, she shut down a blog that published anti-piracy statements from fellow musicians following a spate of heated criticism.

The singer is the latest of a string of victims attacked under the web-based Operation Payback campaign.

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