Lineo ships Linux clustering system

Availix makes use of SAN techniques
Written by Charles Babcock, Contributor

Lineo, an embedded and high-availability Linux start-up, on Wednesday shipped its Availix Horizontal Clustering 1.3, adding to the list of vendors able to ship a system for clustering Linux servers.

Lineo makes use of a storage area network (SAN) approach to clustering, using high-speed Fiber Channel switches to create a sub-network linking Linux servers together.

"Availix HC 1.3 is an excellent balance between high-speed bus and switched technology," said Bruno Simon, vice president of infrastructure business at Lineo. The clustering system is aimed at Internet service providers who wish to see no interruption of their ability to serve content or provide services. Availix can cluster up to seven processors together, he said.

It provides support for high-speed Fiber Channel switching, content sharing on a SAN through the Global File System 4.0.1, support for the Zeus Web server for high-speed operations and support for the CompactPCI bus from I-Bus and SAN technology from MTI and Newnet.

Availix HC 1.3 is priced at $2,000 per CPU board. More information is available at www.lineo.com.

Availix will compete with offerings already on the market, such as Linux Networx's Clusterworx, VA Linux Systems' VA Cluster Management, Red Hat's LVS Cluster and Mission Critical Linux's Convolo Cluster.

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