Linux credit cards in Britain by June

Forget Visa and Mastercard, the Penguin is your flexible friend now
Written by Will Knight, Contributor on

British Linux enthusiasts will soon be able to help further the cause, get complimentary Open Source software and a penguin-enhanced credit card thanks to US-based organisation, the Linux Fund.

The Fund lets people donate money to the Free Software Foundation by using a credit card decorated with the Linux mascot, a large penguin... Smiling.

Benjamin Cox, who describes himself as chief penguin at the Linux Fund, tells ZDNet UK that his organisation is currently in talks with a number of British banks and reckons that penguin credit cards will be available in the UK by June 1. The Bank of Scotland or HSBC, says Cox, are the banks most likely to be involved with the deal.

The Linux fund has around 2000 members in the United Sates. Each penguin credit card generates around $25 each year for fund, which invests all profits in Open Source initiatives.

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