List of the smart grid grants

Smart grid grants: the list.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Here's the complete list of the 100 grants from the Department of Energy for smart grid projects. All but one state got some kind of grant. Alabama got a couple mil for one electric co-op to meter its customers. Alaska, famous for its former governoress and its shrinking ice cover, got zilch.

Some of the big grants: $164 million to a Birmingham utility; $200 mil for Florida Power and Light; another $200 mil for Baltimore Gas and Electric; $200 for Duke Energy in North Carolina; another $200 mil for Progress Energy Service Company, also in North Carolina; $138 mil for the Las Vegas utility that keeps those casino alight 24-7; $136 mil for Con Ed in New York City; $130 million for Oklahoma Gas and Electric; $200 mil for PECO Energy in Philly; the same for Center Point Energy in Houston, capital of the American petroleum industry.

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