Lotus U-turn on Linux is complete

"Who in the world needs another form of Unix?" asked messaging guru Lotus last year. It took a while to work out the answer...

Messaging and groupware specialist Lotus will complete its U-turn on Linux at Lotusphere Berlin next week, with the formal launch of Notes Domino optimised for the open source OS.

Almost exactly a year ago to the day, Lotus CEO Jeff Papows told the Linux community that building software around the free Unix platform was not a viable proposition, claiming there were too many Unix variations already in existence. In January of this year, Papows admitted he was wayward in his judgement, and promised that a Linux server version of Notes R5 would be available before the year was out.

The CEO is now set to come good on his promise, providing customers with a cheaper, more accessible alternative to NT -- a particularly appealing development for the small business sector.

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