Lycos Asia seeks speed and performance

Lycos Asia purchased Nortel Networks Alteon Web switching to radicallyreduce 'Web wait,' and to enable higher performance.
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Lycos Asia seeks for a radical reduction in ‘Web wait’ and better performance for its websites

Lycos Asia, one of the region's pan-Asian Internet company, has standardized on content-intelligent Web switching solutions from Nortel Networks.

Lycos Asia has purchased Nortel Networks Alteon* Web switching to radically reduce 'Web wait,' and to enable higher performance, enhanced availability and increased scalability from its Internet service offerings.

Lycos Asia is deploying Nortel Networks Alteon ACEdirector 3 and 700 Series content-intelligent Web switches throughout its Web data centres to manage and accelerate traffic flow to four of the 11-country Lycos Asia Network, including Lycos.com, Tripod and Mailcity.

"Nortel Networks Alteon content-intelligent networking offers a centralized point-of-control, immense processing power, and torpedo response times to support Lycos Asia's robust network environment," said Tesla Lee, director, Alteon Web switching for Nortel Networks in South Asia. "This facilitates optimal user experience, which ultimately translates into customer retention."

Nortel Networks Alteon ACEdirector 3 combines a unique collection of traffic management services, optimised to handle switching of hundreds of thousands of Web sessions every second. Global server load balancing allows mirrored servers or server farms to be distributed around the world, enabling requests to be directed to the best site. Alteon 700 Series switches are purpose-built for data center environments to deliver high-performance switching and traffic management functions, and are capable of processing up to 12 million Web sessions per second.

Lycos Asia is simultaneously deploying Nortel Networks Alteon content-intelligent networking equipment across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore - countries considered to be on the brink of exponential Internet growth. IDC expects the number of Internet users in the Asia Pacific to reach 40 million by the end of the year, a 55.7 percent increase over the 25.7 million users at the beginning of 2000.

In addition to deployment of Alteon Web switches across the Lycos Asia Network, Nortel Networks has previously received Web switching contract awards in the Asia Pacific region from Cable & Wireless, OSK, Globe Telecom and Ayala; from all Singapore Internet Service Providers, including SingNet, Pacific Internet, StarHub Internet and DataOne; and from such leading regional ISPs as CS Internet, Asia Access and PT Telecom Indonesia.

According to a recent report by Dell'Oro Group, Nortel Networks Alteon Web switches captured the top position in the worldwide market for Layer 4-7 Web switches, securing a 43.6 percent market share based on worldwide revenue. This figure reflects Dell'Oro's estimate as of the end of the third quarter in 2000.

About Lycos Asia

Lycos Asia is a US$50 million joint venture between Terra Lycos and Singapore Telecommunications Limited, offering interactive products and good service.

Lycos Asia offers localized versions of Lycos.com, Tripod and Mailcity and other services to Asia. The Lycos Asia Network of sites comprises of LycosAsia.com, TripodAsia, MailCityAsia and cOntact. The Lycos Asia Network provides Web search and navigation, communication and personalization tools, homepage building and Web community services. Integrated, these sites help each individual user locate, retrieve and manage information tailored to his or her personal interests. Each portal site will reflect local content in the principal language of the respective countries.

Lycos Asia has 10 sites over 9 countries covering Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, India, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

About Nortel Networks

Nortel Networks is a global Internet and communications company with capabilities spanning Optical, Wireless, Local Internet and eBusiness. The Company had 1999 U.S. GAAP revenues of US$21.3 billion and serves carrier, service provider and enterprise customers globally.

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