M-commerce adoption in Brazil gathers momentum

Purchasing via mobile and tablet devices in the country is above world average, says PwC.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Mobile commerce take-up is gathering momentum in Brazil, with a significant increase in the number of consumers using mobile devices to purchase products and services seen in the last couple of years.

Some 54 percent of the 1,000 Brazilian consumers polled by PricewaterhouseCoopers between August and September 2014 have purchased something via their mobiles or smartphones and 51 percent have done so via a tablet device.

Out of these consumers, 31 percent buy items through their mobile devices at least once a month, up from 17 percent seen in the research carried out in the previous year, according to PwC.

This compares to an average of 48 percent of 18,068 consumers polled across 18 other countries - including United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Japan and Australia - who bought items with their mobile devices.

According to the Total Retail report, m-commerce in Brazil has been boosted by consumers aged between 18-24: some 60 percent of consumers within that age bracket have purchased something via their phones, compared with 40 percent of consumers older than 24.

Separate research by consulting firm E-bit indicates that while mobile commerce continues to grow in Brazil, it is still a small slice of the online commerce pie: purchases made through smartphones and tablets represent only 9.7 percent of all e-commerce transactions processed in Brazil during 2014.

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