MA Gov. Patrick offers fireside podcasts

He may not be quite as soothing as FDR but Deval Patrick shows his commitment to direct communication with voters with a weekly podcast.
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor

It's reminiscent of the the golden days of radio, when the family huddled around the box to hear FDR's Fireside Chats. But it's not a radio, it's a computer and now the good citizens of Massachusetts and everywhere else can hear Gov. Deval Patrick deliver his weekly podcast, reports the Boston Herald.

This week's message from the newly elected governor was a plea for citizens to "stick together" through tough times. Massachusetts has a looming budget deficit and troubles with the state's new health care law.

"I could tell you everything is fine and it's going to be smooth sailing no matter what," Patrick said in his online audio address. "But I came here promising you that we would face our challenges squarely . . . and that we would govern with our long-term interests in mind."

During this week's podcast, Patrick defended his decision to restore $383 million in budget cuts made by former Gov. Mitt Romney.

"These were tough decisions and costly ones in some respects, but they also honor the commitments that the Legislature and the outgoing government had made to people in need," Patrick said.
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