Macworld Expo: Mac to the future

Is Apple's future turning rotten, or can innovations unveiled at the MacWorld Expo produce some tasty earnings and sales?

Mac is back in town -- in San Francisco to be precise. So far the company has unveiled a major PowerBook redesign and DVD-burning software. Let ZDNet keep you au fait with Apple's fate. NEWS:
Will new Apple wares hold pro users?
Thu, 11 Jan What do Apple Computer's latest announcements mean for the professional market? Nvidia angles for Mac chip niche
Thu, 11 Jan The coprocessor heavyweight is hoping to dislodge ATI, Apple's erstwhile exclusive supplier of graphics chips for Macs. Motorola touts revitalised G4 chip
Thu, 11 Jan The PowerPC maker says it's vaulted nagging performance hurdles with the chips in Apple's latest Macs. Apple sweats Mac OS X details
Thu, 11 Jan The latest round of modifications to Apple's next-generation OS demonstrates a new attention to the concerns of longtime users MS shows Office for Mac OS X
Thu, 11 Jan 'Microsoft loves OS X, at least our division does,' says MS Mac team leader. Hands on the G4 PowerBook
Wed, 10 Jan At Macworld Expo/San Francisco, Mac fans hustled to get up close and personal with the biggest PowerBook redesign in three years Apple's DVD and CD-burning out of consumers' reach
Wed, 10 Jan Return of the Mac: Exciting new software is all very well, but what if consumers just don't have the hardware to run it Apple, Compaq adding recordable DVD drives
Tue, 09 Jan Will Joe Bloggs the consumer put Steven Spielberg out of work? News Burst: News Burst: Writeable DVDs from Jobs' resurgent Apple
Tue, 09 Jan Burn baby burn, Steve Jobs bares his teeth as he sets Apple on yet another road to recovery Third parties line up new Mac gear
Tue, 09 Jan Mac developers opened Macworld Expo week with a welter of products. Will it be enough to keep fans happy? COMMENT Reading the Mac Expo tea leaves
Steve Jobs will provide some substantial answers and open new doors for Apple at the Macworld Expo. Matthew Rothenberg is not prepared to say that Apple is out of the woods, but a reinvigorated processor line and an OS that can maximize its benefits will blaze a substantial trail in the right direction. Dissecting Jobs' keynote
Steve Jobs' keynote speech communicated a vision for the future -- as for the overall vision: Let's see what Apple really makes of it. Andreas Pfeiffer thinks it may just be a desperate attempt to reassure investors -- only time will tell. Have your say instantly, and see what others have said. Click on the TalkBack button and go to the ZDNet News forum. Let the editors know what you think in the Mailroom. And read what others have said.