Macworld Focus: Jobs does it again

The new flat-panel iMac took centre stage at Macworld 2002 but that wasn't all - see full reports and video from the show floor
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Streamed video: Take the Macworld tour of products and opinions Streamed video: Macaholics speak up Streamed video: Virtual-reality creation tool allows 360-degree view in one photo Streamed video: Portable storage enters new dimension Add-on makers looking for piece of iPie
Wednesday 9 January Even though they've been burned in the past, accessory makers are already trying to think of ways to ride the coat-tails of the new iMac Apple expands its consumer services
Wednesday 9 January Apple's introduction of its iPhoto software marks a move further into the customer services sector New iMac 'less shocking' than original
Wednesday 9 January The new iMac has gone through many design changes in two years of development. Will it appeal to consumers? New iMac: Cool or clunky?
Tuesday 8 January Apple introduces its next big product, the flat-panel iMac. But analysts warn that the original machine's success may be hard to repeat Streamed video: Up close with the new iMac The CRT is dead, says Jobs
Tuesday 8 January The Apple chief executive announces the flat-panel iMac, cheaper iBooks and a downloadable digital photo system Streamed video: Jobs introduces the new iMac Streamed video: Steve Jobs reveals snapshot of iPhoto Apple tightens competition with new iBook
Tuesday 8 January Apple is to cut the price of its iBooks, moving closer to the mainstream notebook market Streamed video: Jobs cuts prices on iBooks Flat-panel iMac pictures leaked
Monday 7 January Apple will reveal a sleek new flat-panel iMac today, along with a slew of new software. Already, some pictures have leaked onto the Web Will Apple live up to MacWorld hype?
Saturday 5 January Rumours of what Steve Jobs will announce at Macworld are spreading on the Net, and Apple's own hype machine is adding to the feeding frenzy Apple's iWalk PDA tiptoes out?
Thursday 3 January Apple is rumoured to be launching a handheld computer at the Macworld Expo next week Apple fuel flatpanel iMac speculation
Wednesday 2 January After disappointing many fans in July, Apple promises big things for next week's Macworld show, with the possibility of new iMac and iBook releases Apple sauces up OS X for gizmos
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