Malware distributed by fake parking tickets

The SANS Institute reports that residents of Grand Forks, North Dakota had their computers infected after visiting a Web address that was listed on phony parking tickets.
Written by Tom Espiner, Contributor
A malware infection was propagated through flyers put on windshields in Grand Forks, North Dakota, reports SANS institute.

The flyers were fake parking violation notices, and instructed people to visit a website (which SANS did not publicize). Once they visited the website, they were infected with a malicious browser helper object.

From the post:

"The initial program installed itself as a browser helper object (BHO) for Internet Exploter that downloaded a component from childhe.com and attempted to trick the victim into installing a fake anti-virus scanner from bestantispyware securityscan.com and protectionsoft warecheck.com."

Interesting - I've never heard of windshields as an attack vector.

This blog, Infection began with a windscreen flyer, was originally posted on ZDNet.co.uk.

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