MarkLogic launches a Data Hub for the pharmaceutical industry

MarkLogic also announced the latest versions of the MarkLogic Data Hub and the underlying MarkLogic multi-modal database.

How AI, the cloud, and Big Data are transforming the pharmaceutical industry

MarkLogic on Tuesday announced a new version of its data integration platform expressly for the pharmaceutical industry. The MarkLogic Pharma Research Hub is designed to help researchers quickly and easily find, synthesize and share high-quality data – including, genetic, proteomic, drug, textual, binary and clinical trial data – within a single cloud service. 

The Pharma Research Hub uses machine learning and other advanced technologies like fuzzy matching and relevance ranking to manage, organize and retrieve information. MarkLogic's Smart Mastering feature specifically uses machine learning to find and consolidate related and duplicate items and to construct a knowledge graph of all the data. Researchers can use the Hub to create visualizations of the relationships within their data, such as how a gene, drug target and metabolic pathway are related.

MarkLogic already counts some major pharmaceutical companies among its customers, including Johnson & Johnson, Amgen and AbbVie. The company said that the Pharma Research Hub standardizes and extends the best practices of its customers.

The idea is that with the purpose-built Hub, run as a fully-managed cloud service, pharmaceutical companies should be able to accelerate their research and lower drug trial costs. There is research to suggest that AI-powered tools can help bring new drugs to market more quickly.

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"Researchers using legacy technology only access slivers of the data around them, increasing the likelihood of errors and costing valuable time that can equate to hundreds of millions of lost dollars and, more importantly, lost opportunities to change lives because drugs take so long to develop," Bill Fox, VP of the Vertical Strategy Group and Chief Strategy Officer of Healthcare and Life Sciences at MarkLogic, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, MarkLogic on Tuesday also announced the latest version of the MarkLogic Data Hub and the underlying MarkLogic multi-modal database. MarkLogic Data Hub 5.0 and the MarkLogic 10 database feature embedded machine learning, which can be used to optimize tasks like  fraud detection, personalization, diagnostics or customer service.

The updates also include new features to simplify data integration and management. For instance, Data Hub 5.0 offers customizable low-code/no-code orchestration flows so users can easily map data sources and run matching and merging data flow processes.

The updates also include new security and governance capabilities, such as automatic provenance tracking, more advanced graph security and more granular separation of duties.