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Master Google Cloud with this $30 bootcamp training bundle

Master Google's powerful Cloud platform with the help of these 10 courses and e-books.
Written by StackCommerce, Partner

You might be surprised by just how much of the internet runs on Google Cloud. While the company might be best known for its search engine or for products like YouTube, the backbone of those services that just about everyone interacts with is the company's powerful and expansive cloud infrastructure.

It's not just Google that uses its own cloud platform, either. Companies like Spotify, Snapchat, Best Buy, and Home Depot count on Google Cloud. It's no wonder then that the platform is preferred by many IT professionals. You can join them in building your apps and services on Google's powerful platform. All you need to know is how it works. That's where the Complete Google Cloud eBook and Video Course Bundle comes in. This collection of courses will help you master the Google Cloud, and you can get it for just $29.99.

Getting starting with Google Cloud

Whether you're a seasoned programmer or IT pro or you're just getting your start and working your way through the basics, you'll want to familiarize yourself with everything that Google Cloud has to offer you. Courses like Google Cloud AI Services Quick Start Guide and Google Cloud Platform for Architects dig into the fundamentals, helping to show you just what Google Cloud is capable of, depending on what you're hoping to accomplish with it.

Making the most of a powerful platform

Once you've armed yourself with the essential knowledge and have learned how Google Cloud can help you create and build your projects, you can really unleash the platform's most powerful capabilities. Take your time seeing the full breadth of what Google Cloud can do with courses like Hands-On Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform or Google Cloud Platform Cookbook. By the time you complete these courses, you'll be ready to deploy your own apps and services on the platform.

The Complete Google Cloud eBook and Video Course Bundle comes packed with two hands-on video instructionals and eight complete eBooks written by experts. These lessons can teach you how to make the most of Google Cloud, whether it's for the purposes of analytics, AI, machine learning, or anything else that you might dream up and want to create.

The courses found within the Complete Google Cloud eBook and Video Course Bundle typically retail for $421, but you'll be able to save yourself 92% off that price. That means that you'll pay just $29.99 for lifetime access to the complete bundle. That's a can't miss price for a collection of courses that will help you master one of the most powerful cloud platforms in the world, so don't miss out on this deal!

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