MediaCorp looks to enrich mobtv

correction The broadcaster said it is finding new ways to enhance the user interface of its online video-on-demand Web application,

A correction was made to this story. Read below for details.

SINGAPORE--MediaCorp is looking to give its online video-on-demand service,, a newer, more interactive user interface, according to an executive speaking at Microsoft's Singapore Windows Server 2008 launch.

Colin Smith, multimedia director at MediaCorp, said the Singaporean broadcaster is looking to employ Microsoft's Web application tool, Silverlight, to deliver a richer user interface, with the "possibility" of including advertising components to online viewers of the service, which is currently subscription-based.

Speaking at the Singapore Microsoft Server 2008 launch Wednesday, Smith demonstrated several new features of mobtv's proof-of-concept media player Web application.

Users will be able to watch MediaCorp-licensed content from a full-screen video streaming player within their browsers, and have the ability to post comments at specific portions of clips for others to read.

The media player Web application also includes an area for text advertisements to appear. Smith demonstrated a possible example of targeted advertising: a text advertisement of a luxury car flashed at the bottom of the screen to accompany the appearance of a similar car in the show. Users have the option of clicking on the text to shrink the TV area and expand the advertisement to get more information on the car.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 was launched last month, and the update to Windows Server 2003 has been lauded by analysts for its updated features, which several have said are small but welcomed.

Roy Illsley, senior research analyst at Butler Group, said in a previous interview that adoption of the OS is expected to ramp up around 12 months after its launch.

Correction: This article previously stated that mobtv had launched its Silverlight-enabled user interface. The demonstrated user interface is still a proof of concept, and MediaCorp has not launched it yet. We apologize for the error.