Memorial Day tribute

On this day, we remember the men and women in the armed services, along with their families.

We all take things for granted. It's easy to forget the efforts of friends, colleagues, even family and those closest to us. However, on Memorial Day weekend in the US, certain reminders help us focus on things we must never take for granted.

In Boston, a group called the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund planted 33,000 flags on the famous Boston Common. Each flag represents one of the Massachusetts soldiers lost in battle from the Civil War to the present. 

Memorial Day 2013, Boston
Photo by Michael Krigsman

Walking among the flags, I saw the person pictured in the photo above. She took her time, as if to experience and savor memories and sadness. I felt honored to capture the moment.

The families of veterans can face a difficult time. Here are a few organizations that support these families: