Microsoft acquires mobile BI vendor Datazen

Microsoft has purchased cross-platform, mobile business-intelligence vendor Datazen Software, a Toronto-based company, for an undisclosed amount.

Microsoft has acquired Datazen Software, a cross-platform, mobile business-intelligence vendor, for an undisclosed amount, officials said on April 14.


Toronto-based Datazen provides data visualization and key performance indicator data on Windows, iOS and Android devices. Microsoft is touting the acquisition as accelerating its Power BI self-service business-intelligence strategy.

Datazen was founded in 2002 as ComponentArt - a developer tools vendor that built UI and data visualization technology.

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Datazen already is optimized for use with SQL Server Analysis Services, according to Microsoft. As of today, SQL Server 2008+ Enterprise Edition customers can download the Datazen Server at no additional cost. The native mobile apps are available at no charge in their respective app stores, as well.

Microsoft officials said the company would disclose more about future plans for Datazen "in the coming months."