Microsoft adds malware detection to web tool

The software company has updated its Live Search Crawl Issues tool to indicate whether malware might be on a crawled website
Written by Tom Espiner, Contributor on

Microsoft has added malware detection to one of its Live Search Webmaster tools.

The software company announced in a blog post on Tuesday that it had updated its Crawl Issues tool to alert webmasters about possible malware on their sites.

Crawl Issues is designed to give webmasters details about problems that Microsoft's search engine, Live Search, may encounter while crawling and indexing websites.

"In our August release, we shipped our Crawl Issues tool," wrote Jeremiah Andrick, a program manager for Microsoft's Live Search Webmaster Center. "In this release, we have updated this tool to [flag up] any malware that we have found associated with your site."

The tool scans sites to report on possible Live Search problems including 404 errors, pages blocked by the Robots Exclusion Protocol, long dynamic URLs, and content types not supported by Live Search.

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