Microsoft and Nokia are thinking out of the box for future mobile devices

Future concept devices are under development at both Microsoft and Nokia and the future looks very cool for mobile enthusiasts. Mobile devices should enhance your life and these two companies are working to make that a more seamless experience.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Mobile enthusiasts like me sometimes get bored with the incremental updates and single feature additions of mobile devices and want something to excite us. Last year while at the Microsoft Mobius event we were shown, under NDA, a preview of a future Windows Mobile operating system codenamed Photon that may become reality in 2008. We not only were shown a preview of the OS, but were shown some very cool concept designs that I wanted to take with me right then and there. I was particularly pleased to see that there are some people in the Windows Mobile division that are thinking out of the box and not trying to put a desktop on a mobile device, but are designing an actual mobile operating system that enhances the user experience.

Nokia Aeon

Credit: Nokia

I read an article on Engadget Mobile this weekend that shows that Nokia is also looking forward to the future with their Aeon full surface screen concept device. The concept works where the display changes depending on the user's intended action. For example, when you want to make a call the bottom of the display shows a phone keypad. This looks like a very cool design and with Nokia and Microsoft working on new future solution concepts I am excited about the future of mobile technology.

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