Microsoft and Nokia: MicroNokia - Beyond Face Value

Microsoft and Nokia: MicroNokia - Beyond Face ValueAuthor: Eric Everson, Founder – MyMobiSafe.comThe world is a buzz today about the Microsoft and Nokia alliance (channeling the common tabloid practice of conjoining celebrity names as they couple, I guess this gives us “MicroNokia”).

Microsoft and Nokia: MicroNokia - Beyond Face Value Author: Eric Everson, Founder –

The world is a buzz today about the Microsoft and Nokia alliance (channeling the common tabloid practice of conjoining celebrity names as they couple, I guess this gives us “MicroNokia”). So what of all of this “MicroNokia” business anyway? Sure at face value, we all get the idea that the Microsoft Office suite will gain greater penetration in the mobile market and Nokia might sell a few more smartphones. Is there more than meets the eye within the “MicroNokia” alliance?

Having been in the wireless industry for longer than I’d like to admit, the daunting reality here is that there is way more strategy behind a move like this than what is conveyed at face value. Whenever one looks at Microsoft strategy in the wireless environment, one must keep in mind that despite their stronghold in the sister industry of computing, Microsoft has struggled in this market space for years. With that said, this is an industry that can not elude Microsoft if the company wants to remain on the frontier of innovation.

Because I can’t resist saying so, from a brand equity perspective, let’s face it, Apple is flogging Microsoft in this market! They can try to defend their “PC is more bang for the buck” mantra all they want in the computing environment, but in wireless we know who’s pwned who! To that avail, Microsoft needs to position for a serious revival in the wireless space. What better way to begin laying that foundation than to joining forces with a wireless industry powerhouse like Nokia?

Interestingly, I actually believe that in this whole “MicroNokia” relationship it is Nokia that strategically has the upper hand. I’m sure it will improve their revenues some to partner with Microsoft, but in all honesty Microsoft needs Nokia way more than Nokia needs them. Beyond simple short-term objectives, there are some serious co-developed technologies that could very well emerge from this alliance. For both parties it is this prospect of generating innovative synergy that has likely brought them together beyond all else.

I stand firm in suggesting that Microsoft needs to start doing some serious recruiting throughout all levels of their business as I (like so many of my readers) have lost a certain degree of faith in their existing talent pool. With the right people, product development, and market strategy this alliance has the prospect of rewriting the wireless industry future for Microsoft. As the wireless future is certainly leading to a titanic collide between Microsoft and Google, now is the time to start laying strategic foundations.

As one that knows this market inside and out, I have to say that barring a turbulent breakup, “MicroNokia” could mean big things for the industry as a whole. To all of my friends at these two companies, I have to say that this is an opportunity that doesn’t come along every day (and if you need a little strategic guidance along the way… you know how to reach me). As for the wireless industry, I say prepare yourself for what’s REALLY to come from this alliance.

Your go-to guy in innovative tech! Eric Everson – “The MobileTech”

Eric Everson is a leading mobile technologies researcher and is the founder of If you would like to contact Eric Everson for interview or with research related inquiries contact him directly at


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