Microsoft and Novell open joint virtualisation lab

Virtualisation tops the project list at a joint lab founded by Microsoft and Novell, as part of their controversial patent agreement
Written by Peter Judge, Contributor on

Microsoft and Novell have opened a joint development lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which will focus on cross-platform interoperability.

The lab, which measures 2,500 square feet, will host a combined team of eight Microsoft and Novell engineers and two directors, working to make Windows Server and Suse Linux Enterprise work together, according to a statement from the two companies.

The work will focus on virtualisation, dealing with hypervisor products from both companies which allow Windows or Linux to run on a virtual machine. The lab will also work on file formats, systems management, and integrating directory technology.

The lab was announced as part of the pact between Microsoft and Novell, revealed in November 2006, through which Microsoft is selling coupons which enable businesses to use Suse Linux without fear of litigation from Microsoft.

The results of the virtualisation work won't be released to the public until Microsoft ships Windows Server 2008 sometime next year, and the virtualisation feature itself is due six months after that.

The lab's two directors are Suzanne Forsberg of Novell, and Tom Hanrahan, director of Linux interoperability at Microsoft.

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