Microsoft delivers updated WebMatrix Web-development toolset

Microsoft has released to the Web the final version of its latest free WebMatrix tool bundle, which includes tighter Windows Azure integration.

On May 1, Microsoft released to the Web the final version of its WebMatrix 3 toolset for creating, publishing and maintaining Web sites.


(It looks like the early April WebMatrix 3 announcement was for a test build, and not the final version, which was hard to tell.)

The third release of this lightweight toolset includes support for Windows Azure Web Sites (the Web-hosting framework codenamed "Antares"); source-control tools for working with Git and TFS and improved remote editing.

WebMatrix 3 also includes support for code completion for PHP, Node.js, ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. It supports open-source apps like Wordpress, Drupal, Umbraco, Joomla out of the box, and has built-in database management for SQL Server, SQL CE as well as MySQL. The WebMatrix toolset also can help devs test their Web sites on iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad.

WebMatrix 3 can be downloaded from Microsoft's site for the product.

WebMatrix is a free set of tools for creating, publishing and maintaining Web sites. It enables developers to quickly install and publish open-source applications or built-in templates to create, publish and maintain their Web sites. Included in the bundle are a Web server, database engines, various programming languages and more. It is aimed at developers using ASP.Net, PHP, Node.js and/or HTML5.

Originally launched in 2010, WebMatrix got its start as a collection of a lightweight version of Microsoft’s IIS Web Server, known as IIS Express; an updated version of SQL Server Compact Edition; and a new “view-engine option” for ASP.Net, known as “Razor,” which enabled developers to embed Visual Basic or C# within HTML.

In other Azure-related news of potential interest to developers, Microsoft also released the Windows Azure SDK (software development kit) 2.0 for .Net earlier this week.

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