Microsoft is revamping its Outlook mobile apps for iOS, Android

Microsoft is planning to retire eventually its standalone Sunrise calendar technology, and is integrating it into coming new Outlook mobile apps for iOS and Android.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft is integrating the Sunrise calendar technology it acquired earlier this year as part of a redesign of its Outlook mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The coming changes to the Outlook mobile apps -- which, on iOS and Android are the rebranded Acompli email apps, are outlined in an October 28 blog post from Javier Soltero, the newly minted Corporate Vice President of Outlook and former CEO of Acompli.

For Outlook on iOS users, the revamped Outlook mobile app begins rolling out today. Android users will get the updates to Outlook beginning in early November.

And what about Windows Phone? Microsoft plans to release an updated Outlook app for Windows Phone in November, today's blog post says, which will coincide with the start of the rollout of Windows 10 Mobile (the latter part of that statement is not in the blog post).

The revamped Outlook for iOS features new visual cues to help users see information more quickly. The Outlook team also improved navigation around the app, allowing users to do more with fewer taps, the blog post says.

The coming Outlook for Android app will leverage Material design and its elements, according to the blog post. The Calendar view will get an overhaul, showing more information about users' events.

The Sunrise team, which Microsoft acquired in February 2015, is officially part of the broader Outlook team, Soltero noted. In the longer term, Outlook will eventually replace the existing, separate Sunrise app, he said. Microsoft's plan is to leave Sunrise in market until its features are fully integrated into Outlook, "the exact timing of which we will communicate in advance."

Microsoft bought email startup Acompliin December 2014.

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