Microsoft shows off Windows Phone 7.8: last big update for existing phones

Microsoft is showing off the new home screen in Windows Phone 7.8, the last major version for all Windows Phones in customers' hands currently.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor on

Microsoft recently upset a lot of people in a group they couldn't afford to alienate, Windows Phone owners. The confirmation that Windows Phone 8, the upcoming update for the platform to beat all previous versions, would not run on any existing handsets left the entire Windows Phone installed base in the cold.

Realizing that this would not be a popular move, Microsoft quickly mentioned that an interim release, Windows Phone 7.8, would be released to bring some of the features of WP8 that otherwise won't trickle down. This interim release will bring a new home screen similar to the one that will ship with Windows Phone 8.

The new home screen in WP7.8 is being shown off by Ben Rudolph of Microsoft in a video recently published online. Here's what Microsoft is hoping will be consolation enough for those who jumped on Windows Phone early.

Yes, in Windows Phone 7.8 you can now order your tiles in small, medium, or large. Like the fries at McDonald's.


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