Microsoft Sprightly is a free digital-content creation app for Android

Microsoft's latest Garage incubator app, Sprightly, is for digital-content creation on Android phones.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor on

Microsoft is fielding yet another Android-first (and maybe Android only) via its Microsoft Garage Incubator.


The newest app, known as Sprightly, is for digital-content creation on phones. Its target audience is small- and mid-size business customers for whom their Android phones are their only computers.

Using Sprightly, which is a free app, users can make simple flyers, catalogs, price lists and e-card reminders. They can share their content on WhatsApp and Facebook; reuse existing content, like photos; and choose from a selection of templates.

The team that created Sprightly is the same one that recently launched the Connections app, which is for managing and organizing contacts on Android phones.

A quick reminder about the Microsoft Garage: This incubator designed to help Microsoft launch experimental, consumer-focused apps more quickly and gain customer feedback on those apps. Some, but not all, of those apps may continue on as Microsoft products; some may be folded, depending on demand (or lack thereof).

There's no word so far from Microsoft as to whether the company also plans to make Sprightly available for iPhones and Windows Phones. Currently, Sprightly is available for download from the Google Play store and requires Android 4.4 and up.

Update: Microsoft Garage launched another Android productivity app today, too. Kaizala enables users to track things like bills, jobs and locations using chat. Kaizala also is available for download from the Google Play store.

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