Microsoft touts Win 98 as 'corporate-friendly'

Microsoft said its Windows 98 platform will help corporates bridge gaps in their IT strategy while they decide on a more long term IT solution.

Speaking at a Windows 98 workshop today, Microsoft's marketing manager for the personal systems group Anne Mitchard said that ultimately, "corporates should move to Windows NT 5.0", although "given the fact that most corporates have a mix of systems, Windows 98 will be a more than capable solution."

While confirming that the company is "on schedule" for a Q2 launch, Mitchard dismissed the claim that Windows 98 is "overloaded" for corporates and consumers alike, and added that users have the abillity to "scale down" the OS if they want to run just word processing, for example.

She also said that the Windows family has a solution for everyone and all products are now aiming at solving TCO problems.

IBM's ebusiness manager Steve Walker said he was "not convinced" Windows 98 would solve the TCO problem. "It still puts everything on the desktop and less on the lap of the server," he said.