Microsoft updates OneDrive and Skype for iOS 8

Microsoft, continuing in its mobile-first, cross-platform vein, is updating its services and software for Apple's latest operating system release.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft is continuing to bang the cross-platform drum with new updates for both OneDrive and Skype aimed squarely at iOS 8 users.


On September 19, Microsoft doubled the amount of free OneDrive cloud storage that users can use if they consent to activate the auto upload feature for their camera rolls.

While the new deal — which is available through the end of September — is available to OneDrive users with Windows Phone, Windows devices and Android phones, Microsoft execs made a special appeal to iOS 8 users with the new offer.

A new version of Skype for iPhone makes use of iOS 8 extensions to deliver interactive notifications. Users can answer voice and video calls and jump right to text conversations to reply all from the lock screen and notification center with the Skype 5.5 for iPhone update Microsoft made available for download on September 22.

Last week, Microsoft also made the new OneNote for iOS 8 feature available. Those with iPhones and iPads running iOS 8 are able to clip from the web, save photos and send file attachments straight to OneNote without having to leave their current apps using the new OneNote Share extension update.

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