Microsoft wins UK's largest piracy case

A High Court judgement has found in favour of Microsoft in the UK's largest software piracy case to date.
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Ian Tuppen and Subhash (Sibbs) Singh, along with Backslash Distribution Ltd, Taurus Data Services Ltd, Kingswood Services Ltd and Springfields Services Ltd will be forced to compensate Microsoft for the counterfeit software. They will also pay Microsoft's legal bill.

For legal reasons the damages awarded to Microsoft and the value of the haul have not been disclosed. However,

Microsoft's anti-piracy manager, David Gregory said: "When we announced a £21m haul of Microsoft Office recently it was stored in a container lorry...We had to lay this haul out at a gymnasium location!"

Gregory added: "We have pursued these defendants around the globe for 18 months. We don't give up on a case and we won't tolerate any excuses when dealers buy unauthorised product from back street distributors."

Microsoft obtained asset-freezing orders on Tuppen and Subhash before bringing a civil action against them for trademark and copyright infringements. The pair failed to declare bank accounts in the Bahamas and Switzerland. These were recently discovered by Microsoft lawyers.

Along with Microsoft software, the companies also forged End User License Agreements (EULAs), Break-The-Seal (BTS) stickers and Certificates of Authenticity (COAs).

The next stage of the judgement will determine the compensation Microsoft is entitled to.

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