Microsoft's gadget mystery begins to unfold

Thursday will see the first official information provided from Project Origami, but a video has already been leaked

Microsoft looks set to reveal a new gadget later this week, currently known under the name of Project Origami.

A video purporting to show the gizmo — a cross between a Nokia 770 and an iPod, according to the mutterings on the gadget grapevine — was discovered on the Web site of DigitalKitchen, a marketing agency whose clients include Microsoft.

The device, which resembles a small tablet PC, is used as a mini Media Centre in the clip, with individuals using the device to surf the Web as well as a games console and satellite navigation device.

The device is also shown devoid of integrated keyboard, with users in the video entering information via a stylus or with a detachable keyboard.

A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed that the device was genuine but said it was not a current version of the product. "While Origami is a concept we've been working on with partners, please know that the video seen on Digital Kitchen's Web site is a year old and represents our initial exploration into this form factor, including possible uses and scenarios," she said.

Microsoft said it will reveal more about Project Origami in the coming weeks. The software giant already has a Web site seemingly devoted to it at which promises the curious can "learn more" on 2 March.