Microsoft's Surface tablet is the most popular Windows 8, RT device: report

Microsoft's Surface tablet is the single most popular Windows 8, RT device, according to a new report, far ahead of PCs from big name manufacturers such as HP, Dell, and Asus.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

Given that Microsoft has sold some 40 million Windows 8 licenses, there should be no shortage of devices out there running Microsoft's latest operating system. According to a new report, Microsoft's Surface tablet is the single most popular device running the new platform.

According to AdDuplex, an ad network specializing in advertisements for Windows Phone and Windows 8, RT applications, Microsoft's Surface tablet commands an overall six percent share.


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Behind the Surface are the HP 2000 at 3 percent and the HP Pavilion G6 at 2 percent, both of which are budget-to-mid-range notebooks.

The Surface’s direct competitor, the ASUS VivoTab RT, gained only a 1 percent share.

Broken down by manufacturer, HP commands 22 percent of the market, with Dell in second place with 10 percent. Microsoft however stands in sixth place with 6 percent.


Last month, a report by Web metrics firm StatCounter suggested that Windows 8 license sales were not yet translating into usage since its Web market share was trailing significantly behind what Windows 7 had achieved one month after launch.

The data was collected from 71 active Windows 8, RT apps on AdDuplex network during December 7, 2012. In all, AdDuplex has logged over 5,500 different Windows 8, RT devices, up significantly from 3,000 seen last month.

Image source: AdDuplex.

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