Ministry reshuffle sees Hunt move to industry, Tehan get assistant cyber responsibilities

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced the changes to his ministry following the July 2 election, with Christopher Pyne no longer responsible for industry, innovation, and science.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

Christopher Pyne will no longer be responsible for the Turnbull government's innovation agenda, kicked off late last year, as he moves into the role of Minister for Defence Industry to oversee the country's naval shipbuilding plan and investment plans outlined in the Defence White Paper during February.

The Australian prime minister said the Defence-led investments would provide jobs in advanced manufacturing and technology across the economy. The white paper said the government would spend over AU$5 billion on an IT modernisation program, as well as AU$300 million to AU$400 million spent over the decade to the 2025-26 financial year on the Integrated Investment Program to enhance intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, space, and cyber capabilities.

"Australia is entering the single biggest period of defence construction in its history. The Defence White Paper contained AU$195 billion of new investment in our Defence capabilities over the next 10 years," Pyne said in a statement.

"Our defence industry has the capacity to be an economic and innovation driver as we shift from the post-mining construction boom period into a new age of innovation."

Replacing Pyne as the Minister for Industry, Innovation, and Science is former Environment Minister Greg Hunt. During his time in that role, Hunt dismantled Australia's market-based carbon emissions trading scheme and replaced it with the Emissions Reduction Fund paid directly by the government.

Turnbull hailed Hunt has having a "keen understanding of innovation" as well as science and technology.

Craig Laundy will join Hunt as the assistant minister for industry, innovation, and science.

As laid out in its April cybersecurity strategy announcement, the ministry will gain a minister assisting the Prime Minister on cybersecurity, with the role set to be filled by Dan Tehan, who will also gain the role of Minister for Defence Personnel, alongside his existing role as Minister for Veterans' Affairs.

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