comes to Android tablets just in time for tax season

The rise of Android is spreading from smartphones to tablets and is there to help make the experience even better with their service optimized for the tablet form factor.

As we saw in recent data on 2011 tablet sales, Android is on the rise. It is also that time of year when we start taking a very close look at our finances as we pay taxes to the government and one of the best tools I have ever used for financial management is They released an iPad app in October and today announced an Android tablet app that also works on the very popular Amazon Kindle Fire.

I love using my USAA banking application on my devices to pay bills and check my accounts, but gives you SO much more with tools for budgeting, tracking spending practices, getting alerts for different changes to your accounts, and even tracking cash spending. The service is available for FREE, provided to you by Intuit, Inc. There are even tools to help you out with your taxes. Tablets are perfect platforms for these types of financial services with the larger screens for better viewing of graphs and other financial data. It is also handy to have a tool with you on the go so you can more accurately log your spending habits.