MO Dems want DNA testing on arrest

DNA testing for felony arrestees would add 40,000 samples to state database, substantial costs.
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor

In Missouri, state representatives want to expand the state's DNA collection to include people arrested but not yet convicted of felonies and sex crimes, (Missouri) News Tribune reports.

Rep. John Burnett, a Kansas City Democrat, wants police to be able to close cases sooner by giving them more data. Samples taken from suspects who are not eventually convicted would be removed from the database, said.

Burnett discounted civil liberties concerns and said DNA is as straight-forward a procedure as fingerprinting.

“You do not have a constitutional right to protect your DNA, to protect your blood, to protect your body fluids,” he said.

Missouri has taken DNA samples from those convicted of felonies and sex crimes since 2003. The proposal would add 40,000 tests to the more than 75,000 samples taken last year. The tests cost $30 to $35.

Burnett's not concerned about the cost. “There's always money for something that's a priority,” he said.

Another high-tech crime proposal from Democrats would allow local police to use GPS satellite technology to avoid high-speed chases. Democrats also want to expand the death penalty.

The GPS tracking device would be attached to a fleeing car using a special shooting device, which would allow police to follow the suspect at a safer distance and speed. The Democratic proposal calls for having the state pick up half the cost.
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