MobileTechRoundup show #189; Verizon DROID choices, Moblin 2.1 for netbooks

Today is the launch of the Motorola DROID and HTC DROID ERIS on Verizon and James has the DROID in hand. Kevin is triple booting his netbook and the new Moblin 2.1 OS looks slick enough for me to give a try on my MSI Wind soon too. We also chatted about the success of integrated smartphone platforms compared to licensed platforms.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

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Today we see the launch of the heavily advertised Motorola DROID on Verizon along with the HTC DROID ERIS. As James mentions at the start of MobileTechRoundup show #189 he is the only one of the three of us with the Motorola DROID in hand. If you are a Verizon Wireless customer it seems like almost a no-brainer to pick up a DROID or DROID ERIS today at $200 or $100, but Verizon's very expensive plans are keeping me at home today. The HTC HD2 has a couple of us quite excited with that 1GHz Snapdragon processor and we will see it on some unnamed carrier in early 2010. Kevin is triple booting his netbook and after chatting I am also going to go install the new Moblin 2.1 OS that is optimized for netbooks. We ended by chatting about smartphone market share and the fact that integrated platforms seem to be doing better than licensed ones.

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