Modem-packing Nokia phone jacks into laptops

Nokia unveiled its latest PC-friendly phone in London yesterday, and this one packs an internal modem.
Written by Eugene Lacey, Contributor

The £99 6100 series continues Nokia's policy of aiming its latest models at the business person who requires mobile data transfer in addition to voice communications.

A 'Data Suite' will be available for the 6130 when it ships in January. This will contain all of the software you need to use your phone as a portable modem - plugging directly into your laptop with a cable, the modem card being already built into the phone. This enables users to access the Internet on the move.

Managing Director of Nokia UK, Isto Pankakoski, told ZDNet UK that the firm had conducted extensive market research and what users said they wanted the most was superior call management features. The 6130 has these in spades - enabling you to identify the caller from the ringing tone to let you know whether your call is work, family, or personal finance.

The GSM phone also features a calendar, notepad, and alarm clock. These PDA-like features have been designed to synchronise with your PC through the 'Data Suite'. Game fans are also catered for, with three built-in games, which can be played solo or via infra-red with another 6100 user. This should prove popular on the 8.10 from Virginia Water.

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