Morphlabs mCloud Controller

Morphlabs enhances mCloud Controller making internal clouds easy for Java, Ruby on Rails and PHP developers.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Winston Damarillo, CEO of Morphlabs, Inc., spent some time with me to help me understand how his company's mCloud Controller fit into the scheme of things and what the "Enterprise Computing Architecture" was all about.

How Morphlabs describes mCloud Controller

Morphlabs’ mCloud Controller is a comprehensive cloud computing platform, delivered as an appliance, which converts commodity hardware into a cloud environment. Now incorporating ECA, mCloud Controller 2.5 provides enterprises with immediate access to the building blocks and binding components of a fault tolerant, elastic and highly automated platform. It runs highly reliable applications and services while addressing the industry-wide need for a definitive cloud architecture for the enterprise. To support the leading platforms, mCloud Controller will have built-in ECA compliant support for Java, Ruby on Rails and PHP.

Key features of the mCloud Controller with ECA include:

  • Uniform environments from development to production—Fully-managed environments help users simplify system configuration. Applications can grow as needed, while maintaining a standardized infrastructure for ease of growth and replacement.
  • Simplified system administration—mCloud Controller is available with automated monitoring and self-healing out of the box so that users can avoid complicated system tuning to ensure optimal cloud performance. mCloud Controller also comes with graphical tools for viewing system-wide performance.
  • Self-service resource provisioning—mCloud Controller frees the IT department from numerous application provisioning requests by providing a self-service user interface. Without any system administration skills, authorized users can start and stop computes and provision applications as needed. Billing is also included within the system.
  • Streamlined application management—mCloud Controller automates the process of deploying, monitoring and backing-up applications. Users do not have to deal with configuration files and server settings.

Snapshot analysis

Morphlabs appears to have developed products that would fit into a large majority of industry standard IT environments by supporting VMware and Xen hypervisors. I would expect that Hyper-V support will be available in short order. This means that organizations seeking some of the benefits of a cloud computing architecture and who use Java, Ruby on Rails or PHP as their development and runtime environments will find some benefit in using mCloud Controller.

If that description fits your organization, you might find it worthwhile to visit Morphlab's website to learn more.

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