Must Read: ZDNet readers on BT

Sometimes our readers can get the message across better than we can. Are you listening BT?

When BT finally started rolling out ADSL this autumn we asked our readers to send in their comments. We wanted to know how long people were waiting for installation, how good the service was when up and running and any other thoughts you had on the long-awaited technology.

We couldn't have predicted the huge response we have had since then as our mailroom groaned under the weight of comment

Most of it has not been complimentary about BT. In fact people are complaining about waiting for months, getting little or no feedback from BT, being given appointments for installation that are not kept or appointments being broken because the telco has not tested line quality first.

Please keep us informed as to your experiences of the technology BT claims will help it bring about a UK broadband revolution. The ZDNet forum is also buzzing with horror stories about ADSL installation. Read the comments and add your own to the heated debate.

Angry reader number one

Tried to join on the day it was offered. Told it was not available from my Glasgow exchange, despite Glasgow being one of the cities included in the initial service area. They would get in touch and my early bird discount of free installation would still apply.

Other than that -- heard nothing. Joined ntl's cablemodem service instead.


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