MWSF10: David Pogue keynote (Auto Tune Steve Jobs)

Today's featured presentation by David Pogue here at Macworld Expo 2010 was one for the ages. The Gregory Brothers shared some of the tricks they use to create AutoTune the News and LeVar Burton joined the group for a dramatic performance of It’s A Wonderful Life.
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Today's featured presentation by David Pogue here at Macworld Expo 2010 was one for the ages. He opened his talk by running out onto the stage channeling Steve Balmer's Monkey Boy (video here) and proceeded to mock Apple's hockey puck mouse, AT&T and the iPad's lack of Flash support. He stopping just short of saying that he don't have to kiss Apple's ass because it wasn't there.

Then Pogue brought out the amazing Gregory Brothers, creators of the must-watch YouTube franchise AutoTune the News. The group told him that their videos have been watched a combined 40+ million times and shared this story about how they alter the video and audio clips of the news to make it appear like the network news anchors are cursing (via VentureBeat):

They take the end of a word, as in “those geese are cooked,” one of them gets under his bed with a microphone to eliminate room echo, and swears into a microphone until he’s got a good match to the speaker’s voice in the middle. They punch the “f–” sound into the video, align it with the “–ked” at the end of cooked, then put a bleep in the middle vowel sound. Result: a convincing “those geese are f–ked.”

They even did a short Auto-Tune version of Steve Jobs' iPad keynote, where the group remixed Jobs talking about how easy it was to rotate the device in any direction. Hilarious. Here's the YouTube clip.

You can turn it up, down, sideways, up, down, sideways, up, down, sideways

Then Pogue interviewed former Star Trek: The Next Generation cast member LeVar Burton, who also played the part of Steve Jobs in a dramatic rendition of It’s A Wonderful Life (video).

Best. Keynote. Ever.

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